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Case Study: Tampa Area JATC Electrifies Program with Online Training
The Tampa Area JATC has implemented blended learning by allowing students to take online training programs as homework, which gives students more time in the classroom for hands-on instruction and coaching. They have demonstrated they can meet OSHA and MSHA standards with online training, while preparing their students for the practical training they receive during lab time.
Improve Workplaces with Free Online Safety Training
Limited time and resources leave financially stressed employers in a lurch when it comes to making organizational improvements. During difficult times, wouldn't you want an organization filled with competent, motivated employees, empowered with the knowledge to be more productive? TrainingPower believes high quality training helps improve the value of an individual, and consequently the value of entire organizations.
Free Enhanced OSHA Training Now on
To help employers meet basic OSHA standards, is offering courses to help learners master workplace health and safety concepts. offers free courses for 7 of the 10 most cited standards, and offers premium courses to take care of the rest. TrainingPower wants companies to create safer work environments. Courses from help organizations meet OSHA standards, and more importantly create safer, more efficient workplaces.
Use Lifetime Training Records to Enhance your Job Search
In today's job market, standing apart from other candidates is a definite challenge. What once made you noticeable among applicants is now considered standard by employers. Present your experiences and skills in a distinctive manner, making employers remember you and your resume. is the first online training provider to offer lifetime training records to help individuals present their training achievements.

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